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Sydney Water Out of Scope Applications - 2020 Update

  • Out of Scope Building Plan Approval submissions are currently taking between 10-12 weeks for Sydney Water to review. Subsequent submissions on a project are taking up to 3 weeks for each re-review. Make sure you factor this into your planning schedule when dealing with critical Sydney Water assets.
  • When Sydney Water maintenance structures are on the site, Sydney Water will require a plan showing 24/7 access to these structures.
  • If there is excavation more than 3 metres (1 basement level), any assets in the footpath will be in the dig zone and the Specialist Engineering Assessment should include reference to the deflection and the impact on Sydney Water’s assets. The engineers role is to determine the load and impact on our assets and how that will be mitigated. They also need to support the assessment report with the relevant calculations (modelling, WALLAP calculations or FEM showing deflections), structural plans and Geotechnical report.



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