Community Facilities (Public & Private)

  • Parramatta Park - Inclusive Playground

    MGP are proud to be part of the design team that worked on the new all-inclusive kids playground, at Ollie Webb Reserve in Parramatta.

    The $1.8 million regional-size playground, which received $300,000 of funding from the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund, provides a place for children of all ages and all abilities to enjoy year round. 

    As part of the Government’s 'Everyone Can Play' program, the new playground design follows universal design principles that allow for the real integration of abled and disabled children in play areas. 

    The playground features a large variety of activities and equipment; sand and water play areas, sensory equipment, explorer dome (a maze of nets, ropes, ladders and tunnels), along with the inclusion of wide embankment slides, accessible carousel and sand pit, water play elements and a supportive swing. 

    The landscape architecture team at Phillips Marler designed this unique space in Paperbark Park, and engaged MGP to completed the hydraulic services for the playground.
    The site proposed a number of challenges; its location in the centre of a park meant there were no existing water or drainage facilities. MGP provided a design solution to facilitate the supply and removal of water to meet Council standards.

    Please clink on the links below to see the water play in action:

    Parramatta Park - Inclusive Playground
  • Collaroy Beach Amenities Block

    As part of the Collaroy Beach Masterplan, Council has built a new public amenities building alongside Collaroy ocean pool, replacing the existing steps and constructing a ramp and footpath leading from Beach Road to the existing promenade.

    The new amenities building, accessible from the promenade, has been constructed within the existing rock face with the promenade frontage lined with aluminium screening and consists of two fully accessible toilets. The new accessible ramp has been cut into the cliff face and leads from Beach Road to a viewing platform on the roof of the new amenities structure.

    mgp were engaged for the hydraulic design (sanitary drainage) for the amenities block, along with the Sydney Water Building Plan Approval.

    Completed: 2018

    Client: Northern Beaches Council

    Collaroy Beach Amenities Block
  • Tharwa ACT

    Since the catastrophic bushfires of January 2003, the ACT Government and community have been proactive in implementing plans to provide increased protection against bushfires for the people, property and the environment of the ACT.  For the past 15 years, under the Emergencies Act 2004, the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) has delivered Strategic Bushfire Management Plans (SBMPs). It introduced practices in urban planning, incident management, community education and fuel reduction through land management. Significant improvements in bushfire prevention, bushfire fighting capacity and capability, and increased community engagement and education has been seen.

    As part of the evolving SBMPs a bushfire mapping program identified the township of Tharwa, which lies approximately 30km south of Canberra, as an area of high risk.

    Based on previous experience MGP were approached by SMEC (Snowy Mountains Engineering Company) to complete a peer review of the proposed design and provide performance specification.

    The proposed development includes a bore water supply from the local Murrumbidgee River to two above-ground concrete water tanks. A diesel and electric pump will provide flow and pressure to serve a new fire hydrant system for the town, with hydrants located every 60 metre along the North Street. In the event of a power cut, common during bushfires, the diesel  pump ensures the system will continue to work.

    Concerns over the size of the proposed onsite diesel storage were addressed. MGP recommended using smaller tanks to power a diesel hydrant pump, rather than the proposed electrical generator. MGP also provided advice on pipework material, size, SDR rating, tank location and ventilation, ensuring that the new bushfire prevention system is effective given its integral part of protecting the town of Tharwa.

    Client: ACT Government

    Engineer: SMEC

    Tharwa ACT
  • Wynyard Walk

    The Wynyard Walk development provides full accessible pedestrian access between Wynyard Station and the new development at Barrangaroo. It is expected to accommodate up to 23,000 office workers and up to 33,000 visitors per day. 

    The project included a new western entrance to Wynyard Station, a new 3.5 meter by 9-meter wide underground pedestrian link, a new paved pedestrian plaza and pedestrian bridge with lifts and escalators connecting to the Barrangaroo development.

    mgp were awarded the design and deviation of water mains, sewer mains and storm water mains.

    Project completed in 2015.

    Wynyard Walk

    mgp were part of the team working on the upgrade of four sites in Bankstown, Blacktown, Liverpool and Penrith as part of the Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy.

    The new station sites were identified through the NSW Ambulance Sydney Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy. The strategy aims to improve ambulance response times by reorganising and enhancing infrastructure to better serve NSW paramedics. The new stations will serve the ‘hub and stand-by’ model of emergency response, where stations will act as hubs that accommodate vehicles and training services, and where paramedics will start and finish their shifts.

    mgp coordinated the project, including building plan approval, major and minor works (sewer design, deviation and extensions), to ensure all sites provide NSW Ambulance with excellent onsite services. 

  • Sydney Opera House – Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety (VAPS)

    The iconic Sydney Opera House undertook the Vehicle Access and Pedestrian (VAPS) project to remove heavy vehicles from the Forecourt, providing tourists and visitors with exclusive usage to the Forecourt.

    The project included excavation and construction of the new underground loading dock, new electrical substation and upgrade to the Forecourt roadway. This is the largest project undertaken at the Sydney Opera House since opening in 1973.

    mgp provided our services to upgrade the toilet amenities, diversion of existing services, design of new sewer and water pump out system.

    The project was completed at the end of 2014.

    Sydney Opera House – Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety (VAPS)
  • Hyde Park Reflection Pool

    Hyde Park is Australia’s oldest park. It is also one of the most well-known. With just over 16 hectares of wide open space in the heart of central Sydney. 

    Architect Bruce Dellit’s Anzac Memorial Building and Reflecting Pool, was built as a memorial to the fallen of the Great War in the late 1920s. 

    mgp were asked to come up with a hydraulic solution for the overhaul and upgrade of the pool and it’s poor water quality and filtration. We designed a system to improve the water quality and treatment. The system will be changed from manual to automated and filtration will be increased to improve the water quality. In addition, the design ensured an increase in the capture of rainwater for reuse, thus reducing the impact of water supply and cost to the City of Sydney.

    Project completed in 2017. 

    Hyde Park Reflection Pool
  • Centra Park Broadway

    Centra Park is multi building precinct development, on approximately six hectares of land in the heart of the city.

    The Centra Park development is a redevelopment of the old Carlton United Brewery site, including new parklands and community facilities with upgrades to the urban infrastructure. With over 235,000sqm of residential, commercial and retail space, the site provides 1900 residential apartments.

    mgp provided sewer and water infrastructure design services for the development, and design of the sewer mining for black water re-use in all buildings.

    Centra Park Broadway
  • HMAS Albatross Nowra

    Phase 2 of LEAP saw the redevelopment of Naval Air Station Nowra, including 170 accommodation units and site amenities.

    mgp’s role in this development was to complete a sewer deviation, to allow construction of the new buildings and hydraulic services to all new and existing buildings.

    Completed 2013.

    HMAS Albatross Nowra
  • Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

    The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre (BMCC) showcases the unique artistic life, environment and culture of the Blue Mountains region of NSW, and provides a community and cultural meeting place for the city of Katoomba. The Cultural Centre features a world heritage interpretive centre, regional city art gallery, new public library, a theatrette, multi-purpose workshops, public art courtyards, gallery shop and cafe.

    Unusually, the Cultural Centre is located above a retail centre with two levels offering 359 undercover parking spaces and a retail development incorporating a Coles supermarket and 17 specialty retail shops. The development employs environmentally sustainable design principles and state of the art technology.

    The development was a public-private partnership between the State government, local government and the Coles Development Group.

    mgp completed the hydraulic design for the centre.

    Completed 2012.

    Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
  • GWS Giants Homebush Headquarters

    The GWS Giants undertook a development to relocate their headquarters from Blacktown to Homebush.

    The project involved a new sports training and administration headquarters located in Homebush. The new development included a new training oval , training amenities and administration offices.

    mgp completed the hydraulic and fire services design for this development.

    Completed in 2012.

    GWS Giants Homebush Headquarters
  • Youth Off The Streets

    The Youth Off The Streets charity lead by Father Chris O’Reilly undertook a new community development located in Campbelltown.

    A multi-purpose youth centre was developed including a basketball court, community hall, recording and rehearsal rooms.

    mgp provided Sydney Water authority infrastructure advice for the development, to allow existing services to be retained without modification or adjustment, and therefore not incurring additional and unnecessary costs to the charity.

    Project completed in 2012.

    Youth Off The Streets
  • Heffron Park Maroubra Amenities Upgrade

    Heffron Park is a significant regional park located in the Eastern Suburbs, providing a range of sporting facilities including the Des Renford Aquatic Centre.

    Randwick City Council undertook an upgrade to the facilities in Heffron Park to cater to the community’s sports and recreational needs.

    mgp’s role in this upgrade was to provide upgrades to various existing amenities including a canteen, change rooms, showers and toilet. The upgrade of the facility was for the supply of water, drainage and rainwater re-use for toilet flushing.

    Completed 2017.

    Heffron Park Maroubra Amenities Upgrade
  • Jindabyne - National Parks & Wildlife

    The team at mgp have been working on an interesting project with National Parks and Wildlife in Jindabyne. mgp were briefed on the refurbishment of the cottages at Waste Point, which involves investigating the exisiting connection to sewer and water, and the hydraulic design for the cottages.
    Work is due to start later in the year.
    Client: National Parks and Wildlife
    Jindabyne - National Parks & Wildlife

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