Mixed Use Developments

  • Parramatta Square

    As one of the largest urban renewal projects in the country, the $2.7 billion Parramatta Square redevelopment will revitalise Parramatta city centre with premium grade office space, a multi-level retail podium and civic facilities that reflect the latest global thinking in design, productivity, and amenity.

    MGP are proud to have been part of the design team on all four towers, working on the hydraulic and fire design services.

    The project included 3 Parramatta Square (3PS), 4 Parramatta Square (4PS), 5-7 Parramatta Square (5-7PS) and 6-8 Parramatta Square (6-8PS). Working with Walker Corporation, Built, Boone & Willard Plumbing and Johnson Pilton Walker on 3PS, 4PS and 6-8PS and with Manuelle Gautrand Architects, DesignInc, Lacoste and Stevenson, Built and Quick Plumbing on 5-7PS.

    3 Parramatta Square offers 16 levels of premium A-grade commercial office space with the largest naturally lit atriums of any commercial building in the country. 

    4 Parramatta Square sit on the south side of the square. This premium commercial spaces offers a direct connection to the Parramatta train station, along with a Business and Events Centre to cater to the growing needs of its tenants.

    6-8 Parramatta Square is Australia’s biggest office tower and delivers over 120,000 sqm of office space over 55 storeys. 6 Parramatta Square offers 2,800 to 3,100 sqm of office space, with many atrium configurations allowing for a diverse and functional workplace.  8 Parramatta Square provides unrivalled views from the Eastern CBD to the Blue Mountains over 2,300 sqm of floor space. Each of the towers has been designed in accordance with the industry’s best environmental and sustainability criteria in order to meet the highest Green Star and NABERS Energy ratings.

    The final tower, currently under construction, is 5-7 Parramatta Square. Designed by Manuelle Gautrand Architects, DesignInc, Lacoste and Stevenson Architects MGP worked with Quick Plumbing providing workshop drawings and fire services designs. This final edition to the Parramatta Square precinct offers a landmark civic centre offering council chambers, library, exhibition spaces, visitor services, roof garden, meeting rooms and a cafe. This stunning prismatic glass building not only cleverly incorporates the historic sandstone Town Hall building but bands of stacked crystalline blocks, angled irregularly to become vertical at the northeast, producing a futuristic form of civic spire.


  • 5-7 Charles Street Parramatta

    The exciting proposed new development of 5-7 Charles Street in Parramatta offers a mixed-use building, 390 residential apartments, along with shops at street level, offices above, an ‘aerial’ child care centre, a gym, swimming pool and common areas on one level, landscaped gardens on multiple levels and basement car parking. 

    The building has been nominated for awards for its environmental responsible approach to design, and this impressive new tower will be the most prominent building on the eastern edge of the city centre, complementing the tall towers on the city’s western edge and along the riverfront.

    MGP were engaged to complete the hydraulic and fire services tender D&C documentation for the project. 

    Challenges: The site provided a few interesting challenges; it sits in water charged ground and a flood affected zone. In addition the landscaped gardens on multiple levels require highly effective drainage. Working closely with the design team; architects and the structural engineers the team completed the design ready for tender.

    Innovation/Adding Value: Part of the buildings’ design incorporates car stacker facilities, to offer a higher density of park facilities in an busy urban environment. This will significantly reduce carbon footprint compared to conventional basement car parking. NCC 2019 standards are applied. The combined fire hydrant and sprinkler systems is designed to satisfy the new NCC prescriptive requirements.

    Developer: Grocon

    Competition Design: Stanisic Architects

    Document Architect: DKO


    5-7 Charles Street Parramatta
  • Zurich Headquarters Mount Street North Sydney

    The development of Zurich Financial Services Australia's new headquarters involves a new 25-storey commercial tower at 118 Mount Street in North Sydney.

    The 20,000 square metre PCA A Grade building will target 5 Star Green Star and 5 Star NABERS Energy ratings, and will feature a two-level podium with cafe, a sky terrace, three basement car parking levels and retail facilities.

    mgp are delighted to be working for the first time with Roberts Pizzarotti. 

    Roberts Pizzarotti is a relatively new Australian boutique tier one construction firm, founded in 2016 and jointly owned by the Roberts and Pizzarotti families.

    At mgp we are working on the hydraulic services for this landmark project. Of note mgp team designed an effective solution for the sub soil drainage. The basement will be cut into Sydney Sandstone, and as a result requires perimeter  edge drainage and an integrated stormwater piping  to drain to a central pump station.

    Owner:  Zurich Financial Services

    Builder:  Roberts Pizzarotti 

    Plumber:  Boone & Willard

    Architect:  FJMT

    Zurich Headquarters Mount Street North Sydney
  • Wynyard Place

    Wynyard Place will be one of Australia’s premier commercial and retail precincts due to its architectural design, location in the heart of the Sydney CBD and its integration with one of the city’s busiest commuter nodes, Wynyard.

    The development will transform the Wynyard area, as well as being a hub for office workers, commuters, shoppers and the community at large.

    The centrepiece is a 27-level PCA Premium Grade commercial tower (10 Carrington) offering world-class facilities, amenities and finishes to set a new standard in workplace design.

    The development will also include the restoration of Shell House and 285 George Street, both these two heritage buildings will be returned to their original use as prestigious office buildings. Wynyard Lane will be revitalised, and a major upgrade completed to Wynyard Station’s George Street entrance connecting to a grand transit hall and public concourse.

    At this stage of the project mgp has completed the Sydney Water authority major works stormwater design. 

    Developer:  Brookfield Property Partners

    Builder:  Multiplex

    Plumber:  Axis Plumbing

    Architect:  Architectus / Make Architects (UK)

    Wynyard Place
  • William Inglis Thoroughbred Arena and Hotel

    The new William Inglis development, adjacent to Warwick Farm Racecourse, includes an Accor hotel with pool, bar, restaurants and conference facilities, 10 hospitality function centres, thoroughbred auctioneer arena, parade and pre-parade ground, stables for up to 1,000 thoroughbred horses, grooming facilities including wash areas, horse walker, lunge area, feed store, isolation stalls and truck wash zone.

    mgp were engaged to undertake the hydraulic services incorporating; fire hydrant and fire hose reels, potable cold water, rainwater reuse, natural gas, hot/warm water, trade waste drainage and plumbing, sanitary drainage and plumbing, along with stormwater design.

    This project proposed a number of challenges, including dealing with rainwater reuse for irrigation and the demand for over 600,000 litres to facilitate the site, the limited infrastructure on the existing precinct, the originally the design included multiple sewer pump stations, a costly set up with high maintenance costs.

    Our solution involved reducing the number of sewer pump stations to one central plant using a gravity sewer. This ensured a high standard of waste water, back into Sydney Water's infrastructure, MGP included a muffin monster treatment plant and chemical dosing unit to reduce sulphite levels.

    The project was completed at the end of 2018.

    Award: 2018 Winner MBA Best Hospitality Building (new) $100M+

    Client:  William Inglis & Son

    Builder:  FDC Construction

    Plumber:  DW Plumbing

    Architect:  Timothy Court & Co

    William Inglis Thoroughbred Arena and Hotel
  • Roselands Shopping Centre

    Roselands Shopping Centre in suburban south Sydney is currently undergoing a $90 million transformation, the first stage will be unveiled in mid 2019, with further stages scheduled for 2023.

    mgp are currently working on the hydraulic workshop design drawings for the project. 

    The first stage of the redevelopment will see the fresh food marketplace increase by 2000 square metres and 70 new retailers, with the space redesigned to include five new speciality areas; market hall, marketplace, atrium, laneway and pantry, as well as a refurbishment of the centre's aesthetic entries and common areas.

    Owner:  Vicinity Centres

    Plumber:  Hanna Brothers

    Architect:  The Buchan Group

    Roselands Shopping Centre
  • 105 Phillips Street Parramatta

    MGP were engaged to complete the hydraulic design for the 12 storey office tower, along with undertaking the Sydney Water sewer deviation design and Water Main amplification.

    The 25,000-square-metre A-grade office development will be home to 1,800 Department of Education employees from March 2018, and has been designed in collaboration with the Department of Education to provide a  "contemporary, functional, flexible and efficient workspace".

    Developer:  DEXUS Property Group

    Builder:  BUILT

    Plumber:  Smart Plumbing

    Architect:  Bates Smart

    105 Phillips Street Parramatta
  • Harbord Diggers Freshwater

    The new redevelopment of the Harbord Diggers on the Northern Beaches provided mgp with the opportunity to develop the hydraulic design for construction, along with processing the Sydney Water Building Plan Approval and Section 73 application.

    This large multi dwelling and commercial site will house 96 units, speciality retail outlets, Club, indoor pool and gym, along with extensive underground parking.

    The complexities of the site arose from designing and constructing the new services while working around a temporary Club still in operation.

    The existing infrastructure was not sufficient to meet the demands of the new buildings notably that of water supply for drinking and fire fighting purposes. As such mgp designed water tanks which work specifically to supplement the authority water main, without putting stress on their existing infrastructure.  The project design will enable this large commercial and residential site to have no impact on the local authority services, and provided efficient and effective amenities to the site.

    Project completed in 2018.

    Client:  The Mounties Group

    Project Manager:  Cerno

    Builder:  Ganellen

    Plumber:  Smart Plumbing

    Architect:  Chrofi/Architectus 

    Harbord Diggers Freshwater
  • Warriewood Shopping Centre - Warriewood

    mgp were part of the team involved with the re-develop and improvement of the facilities at Warriewood Shopping Centre.

    The objective of the project was to increase the Centres retail premises by 50% and double the car parking; which involved a three level car park with undercover parking.

    mgp’s hydraulic design services were required to design a pump station and drainage solution, fire protection and expanding the existing fire hydrant protection service at the Centre, providing a better and safer facility.

    The challenge rose from the shopping centre’s location, within the reclaimed Warriewood wetlands, high water table and close to sea level. mgp designed an efficient pumping solution to convey effluent into the Sydney Water sewage system.

    Client: Federation Centres

    Builder: BUILT

    Plumber: Smart Plumbing Solutions

    Architect: BN Group

    Warriewood Shopping Centre - Warriewood
  • Ikea Marsden Park

    We are always looking for effective and efficient solutions for clients. The new distribution centre for Ikea at Marsden Park was one such project. 

    Originally the design had been for three sewer pump stations to support this large site. Each sewer pump station would require regular maintenance and associated running costs. MGP was briefed on the project to use our hydraulic expertise, and provide workshop drawings for the plumbing contractor.

    MGP's solution was to reduce the number of sewer pump stations to one, and use two gravity sewer connections to Sydney Water sewer mains. The benefit for the client meant only one pump station to maintain and run, instead of the original three, and significant cost savings for Ikea in the long term. Given the large site, and extended distances from the satellite office, one pump station was unavoidable within the design, but utilising the gravity sewer connections means a more effective, efficient and cost saving solution.

    Client:  Ikea

    Builder:  FDC Construction

    Plumber:  DW Plumbing



    Ikea Marsden Park
  • 169 Macquarie Street Parramatta

    169 Macquarie Street Parramatta was 'Stage One' of the Parramatta Square development, completed in late 2015.

    The development provided Parramatta with an exciting new precinct, comprising of a new fifteen-storey building including plant area on the rooftop, fourteen-stories now occupied as the campus dwelling for the University of Western Sydney.

    The development named Parramatta Square included around 190,000sqm of retail and commercial developments along with more than 500 apartments, new council facilities, library and community centre.

    mgp were invited to provide Sydney Water services on this large development including the Section 73 application and certification, and the sewer deviation design and approval required on the development.

    Client:  Charter Hall

    Builder:  Leyton 

    Service consultant:  WSP

    169 Macquarie Street Parramatta
  • 221 Miller Street North Sydney

    North Sydney continues its makeover and the Sydney Water team at mgp worked with the project team on the redevelopment of 221 Miller Street.  This 14 Storey 54 strata office suite was sold in 2017 and during 2018 transformed into 169 residential units, 100 serviced apartments, parking, conference facilities and a food and beverage retail offering.

    The site is situated over a Sydney Water sewer and required a sewer deviation; design and approval, along with amplification of the Water Main in Miller Street to accommodate the expansion and increasing demand on the existing infrastructure.

    Client:  Yuhu Group

    Builder:  Richard Crookes Construction

    Architect:  PTW Architects

    221 Miller Street North Sydney

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