Current Projects

  • Macquarie University

    Macquarie University’s largest and most transformative project, a program worth $500 million commenced this year in May.  As part of the design team, including Architectus, FDC and D&W Plumbing, MGP are completing the hydraulic services design for the new buildings which will serve a variety of functions and deliver modernised social and educational infrastructure at the very heart of the campus.

    It will reopen in 2021 in the form of a revitalised and replanted Central Courtyard surrounded by one existing, and three new buildings that have been designed to be lighter and brighter, creating a new vibrancy and dynamism for all to enjoy.

    MGP are involved with four key projects on the campus:

    Lincoln Building

    Central Courtyard Precinct

    Student Accommodation

    Water Feature Design

    The historical Lincoln Building, an architectural icon on the campus, will undergo internal and façade refurbishment. The upper levels will accommodate student learning and research spaces, a new home for the Research Office, with the ground floor offering speciality food outlets that open onto the new Central Courtyard.

    The largest element of the project, the five level Central Courtyard building (1 Central Courtyard) will house a new bar, courtyard, food/retail outlets, commercial kitchen and function facilities along with formal teaching spaces, informal learning areas and a student Auditorium

    The third part of the precinct project involves the two brand new student residential towers with up to 341 beds to be offered in this initial stage.  These towers will also offer end of trip facilities and common break out areas for relaxing. The student accommodation bathrooms will be prefabricated pods, which will require MGP to provide a high degree of coordination for slab penetration.

    The final element of the project will be the water feature designed by Goodwin MGP.

    Due for completion: 2021

    Client: Macquarie University

    Builder: FDC Construction

    Plumber: DW Plumbing

    Macquarie University
  • Parramatta Square Developments

    As one of the largest urban renewal projects in the country, the $2.7 billion Parramatta Square (PS) redevelopment will revitalise Parramatta city centre with premium grade office space, a multi-level retail podium and civic facilities that reflect the latest global thinking in design, productivity and amenity.

    MGP are proud to be part of the development and design teams across the four (4) new towers in the Parramatta Square (PS) development.

    Working closely with Walkers, JPW, Built and Boone & Willard Plumbing on 3PS, 4PS, 6-8PS and with Built, Manuelle Gautrand Architects, DesignInc, Lacoste and Stevenson Architects and Quick Plumbing on 5-7PS.

    Our scope covered hydraulic workshop drawing and fire services designs along with civil stormwater for 3PS, and hydraulic and fire services design for 4PS, 6-8PS, 5-7PS

    3PS and 4PS have been completed, 6-8PS is under construction and 5-7PS in the design phase.

    3PS offers a 17-level building, a new benchmark for commercial offices in Parramatta, delivering over 45,000sqm of commercial space. It features a stunning glass facade and central atrium.

    4PS offers A-grade office accommodation to multiple Government Agency tenants in the heart of Parramatta, this tower provides premium commercial spaces.

    6-8PS it set to become Australia’s biggest office tower and delivering over 120,000 sqm of office space, 6 & 8 Parramatta Square will provide the final piece in this significant development project. 6 Parramatta Square will offer 2,800 to 3,100 sqm of office space, with many atrium configurations allowing for a diverse and functional workplace. 8 Parramatta Square will provide unrivalled views from the Eastern CBD to the Blue Mountains over 2,300 sqm of floor space. Each of the towers have been designed in accordance with the industry’s best environmental and sustainability criteria in order to meet the highest Green Star and NABERS Energy ratings.

    As the final addition to the Parramatta Square precinct 5-PS will offer a six-storey building, a three-hectare mixed-use area in the centre of Parramatta CBD, the building will include council chambers, library, exhibition spaces, visitor services, meeting rooms and a cafe.

    Parramatta Square Developments
  • 5-7 Charles Street Parramatta

    The exciting proposed new development of 5-7 Charles Street in Parramatta offers a mixed-use building, 390 residential apartments, along with shops at street level, offices above, an ‘aerial’ child care centre, a gym, swimming pool and common areas on one level and basement car parking. 

    The building has been nominated for awards for its environmental responsible approach to design, and this impressive new tower will be the most prominent building on the eastern edge of the city centre, complementing the tall towers on the city’s western edge and along the riverfront.

    MGP were nominated to complete the hydraulic and fire services tender D&C documentation for the project. We have been working on developing the drawings to 70% to allow suitable plumbing contractors to provide a fix tender price.

    Problem/Solutions: The site provides a few challenges, not only is it in water charged ground, it also will need to deal with the requirement for critical gas supply in an area where the gas supply (existing 7kPa main) is already under considerable stress due to the boom in construction and demand for natural gas services in Parramatta CBD. To complement the existing service a new main is required, which will need to cross the new Macquarie Street Light Rail corridor. Negotiations with Transport for NSW, Parramatta Council and other consent authorities are underway.

    Innovation/Adding Value: Part of the buildings’ design incorporates car stacker facilities, to offer a higher density of park facilities in an busy urban environment. This will significantly reduce carbon footprint compared to conventional basement car parking. MGP will ensure that the new NCC 2019 standards are applied. The combined fire hydrant and sprinkler systems will need to be designed to satisfy the new NCC 2019 prescriptive requirements.

     Developer: Grocon

    Competition Design: Stanisic Architects

    Document Architect: DKO


    5-7 Charles Street Parramatta
  • Pitt Street Metro Station

    The development of Sydney’s CBD continues to provide us with challenges when working with new developments, redevelopments and infrastructure and the requirement to protect Sydney Water assets.

    MGP are currently working on the over-station development of Pitt Street Metro Station. The new station will help shape Sydney city’s future, adding to the vibrancy of the area with new retail options, rental residential accommodation, world-class office space and a seamless transfer from the station to the revived streetscape.

    Challenges/Solutions: Heritage assets surrounding the development site will need to be protected from the construction works such as tunnelling, deep basement excavations and anchoring, our Building Plan Approval assessment will ensure all the supportive design documentation and correct construction approach is taken to ensure these risks are mitigated.

    Additionally, the new Pitt Street train station project will require the construction of a tower at each entry of the underground station and each tower will be require to be constructed in two stages, MGP will manage 5 Development Applications with Sydney Water to attain the required certificates, approvals and protect the assets at each stage accordingly.

    Pitt Street Metro Station
  • University of Sydney - Chau Chak Wing Museum

    This exciting new museum development at the University of Sydney comprises of the redevelopment of two of the University’s historic Macleay and adjacent Edgeworth David Building and a new connecting modern extension. The new museum will offer a 240-seat lecture theatre, 1,800 square metres of exhibition space, conservation laboratories, and a suite of exhibition galleries. 

    The University of Sydney was established as Australia's first tertiary institution in 1850. 

    By 1862 the Darlington Campus, home to many heritage buildings, was established including the Great Hall, the Anderson Stuart Building (also known as the old medical school), Sydney College of the Arts and the Quadrangle. The architect Edmund Blacket designed the original Neo-Gothic sandstone Quadrangle and Great Tower buildings, and today the campus is ranked in the top 10 of the world's most beautiful universities*. 

    Maintaining the integrity of a place of beauty, and heritage listed buildings, can cause issues with the necessity to further develop a growing university campus. The proposed new Chau Chak Wing Museum had such an issue. The requirement to extend existing services – gas and water, to facilitate the new development meant services needed to be taken 150 metres across the stunning forecourt.

    In addition to the hydraulic workshop drawings for the building MGP were briefed to find a solution which would achieve servicing the new development and minimise impact on the existing amenities, students and faculty staff. 

    Standard processes for such a project could include boring 3 metres under the forecourt, allowing for a bored tunnel for each service; one the gas main and another for a water main to meet the prescriptive requirements of the Australian Standards. Another option would be excavation of an open trench, involving road closures, OH&S issues and night work. Both would be considerably expensive and timely. 

    Working closely with the Department of Fair Trading MGP developed detailed designs which included two services in the same bore hole, the construction methodology enabled clearances around the services to be achieved, and additional voids allowed for grout filing of the bore hole after the pipe was inserted. This solution meant the services were maintenance free, had minimal impact on the University Campus, could be done within a feasible timeframe and where considerably cost effective in comparison to standard processes for such a sensitive project. 

    Client:  The University of Sydney

    Builder:  FDC Construction

    Plumber:  DW Plumbing 

    Architect:  JPW

    *UK The Daily Telegraph

    University of Sydney - Chau Chak Wing Museum
  • Montefiore Randwick

    The $100 million development at Montefiore Aged Care in Randwick will see the development of two new residential buildings adjacent to the existing care facility.

    mgp are excited to be part of this design team. We are currently working on the hydraulic design for the two new buildings which will house 80 new apartments, dining, function and recreational facilities including an indoor pool.

    Owner:  Montefiore

    Builder:  Richard Crookes Construction

    Architect:  Jackson Teece

    Montefiore Randwick
  • NSW Government New Schools - Smalls Road Ryde

    The NSW Government's 2018/19 Budget includes $6 billion over four years to deliver more than 170 new and upgraded schools. A further $160 million has also been invested as part of the record $747 million maintenance investment announced last year. This is the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of NSW. 

    MGP worked on numerous schools projects over the last few years including Rainbow Street Primary, Alexandria Park Community School, Ultimo Temporary School, Bardia Public, and Randwick Public School. Our involvement ranged from Sydney Water design work, Sydney Water Section 73 and Building Plan Approval through to Hydraulic and Civil design. 

    This year we are excited to start work on the new primary school at Smalls Road in Ryde, which will be offering a teaching space for 1,000 students. 

    MGP are working on the hydraulic design and Sydney Water approval for the project that will include 43 learning spaces to accommodate up to 1,000 students, including three special education classrooms, three special purpose rooms, hall, two storey library, covered outdoor learning areas (COLAs), out of school hours care facilities, canteen, administration facilities, multi-purpose sports courts; and kiss and ride area and 47 car spaces.

    Client: NSW Government

    Builder: Richard Crookes Construction

    Plumber: Commodore Plumbing

    Architect: Collard Maxwell

    NSW Government New Schools - Smalls Road Ryde
  • Wynyard Place

    Wynyard Place will be one of Australia’s premier commercial and retail precincts due to its architectural design, location in the heart of the Sydney CBD and its integration with one of the city’s busiest commuter nodes, Wynyard.

    The development will transform the Wynyard area, as well as being a hub for office workers, commuters, shoppers and the community at large.

    The centrepiece is a 27-level PCA Premium Grade commercial tower (10 Carrington) offering world-class facilities, amenities and finishes to set a new standard in workplace design.

    The development will also include the restoration of Shell House and 285 George Street, both these two heritage buildings will be returned to their original use as prestigious office buildings. Wynyard Lane will be revitalised, and a major upgrade completed to Wynyard Station’s George Street entrance connecting to a grand transit hall and public concourse.

    At this stage of the project mgp has completed the Sydney Water authority major works stormwater design. 

    Developer:  Brookfield Property Partners

    Builder:  Multiplex

    Plumber:  Axis Plumbing

    Architect:  Architectus / Make Architects (UK)

    Wynyard Place
  • Haberfield Library

    Inner West Council recently engaged mgp to complete the hydraulic and fire services design for the exciting upgrade of Haberfield Centre and Library and Mervyn Fletcher Hall.

    The upgrade involves installation of a lift, internal ramps within the library and accessible toilets, the interiors and layout will be improved, including connectivity and flow between the library and community rooms, improved entry and new hall-wing. There will be a new music performance and rehearsal space, kitchen facilities on level one, upgraded landscaping and new services including air-conditioning. Mervin Fletcher Hall will see an upgrade and/or replacement of the roof, windows, doors, floors, internal and external painting, toilet upgrade and ramp at the Ella Centre entrance.

    Project is due for completion in late 2020.

    Client: Inner West Council
    Architect: Lahznimmo
    Building consultants: SW Partners
    Haberfield Library
  • Rockdale Park Water Gardens

    Goodwin MGP, our water feature design team, have designed a new series of beautiful water gardens for Bayside Council’s Rockdale Park.

    The Park itself offers a mature stand of conifer trees, cedars and pines planted back in the 1970s that create a unique park character.

    The new water garden design introduces permanent pools of reflective water, compliments the mature tree backdrop and better serves the Park’s reputation as the Wedding Park.

    The new design also replaces an existing stream that has been decommissioned since 2003.

    Construction is due for completion before December 2019.

    Client: Bayside Council

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