Section 73

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate is issued by Sydney Water to ensure that a development has a point of waste water, portable water, and recycled water connection. 

To comply with Sydney Water requirements the construction of a waste water, portable water, and recycled water pipe might be required before a Section 73 Certificate can be issued.

On minor low impact developments you can deal directly with Sydney Water via a new system called Sydney Water Developer Direct (SWDD). SWDD will allow a customer to engage either a Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC), like mgp, or SWDD for low impact development work.

On all other developments a Section 73 Certificate needs to be collated and lodged with a Sydney Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC), like MGP.

Do I need a Section 73?

Sydney Water’s guidelines for the types of developments that require a Section 73 Certificate identifies the following;

Industrial, commercial and special use development, where there is a change in use of existing buildings and facilities that may result in increased demand for water and/or the discharge of trade waste water from the premises. 

The requirement for a new trade waste agreement may need a Section 73 application to be made. It would also be advisable to have the Building Certifier confirm if they wish to have a Section 73 Certificate for the development as it may be required for the final Occupation Certificate.

How do I start the process?

You have a few options, you can either call MGP on 02 9451 7555 and speak with the WSC team, or you can submit your project details in the form at the bottom of the page, and the details will be sent to the WSC team. 

What do I need to supply to MGP for the application?

  1. Copy of the development/subdivision plans as approved or proposed - in AutoCAD format
  2. Copy of your Development Consent (DA conditions provided by your local council)
  3. Provide your Pre-allocated Plan Number (PPN), provided by your surveyor for the proposed land development

The standard process:


What other things will I need to consider?

You will need to have Building Plan Approval completed to obtain your Section 73 Certificate. Please see our Tap in section for details.


Granny Flats - Secondary Dwelling Exemption from Section 73 Certificate

The legislation for a secondary dwelling allows up to 60sqm floor space and under Sydney Water Notice May 2012, this type of development is listed as not requiring a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.

We have researched into the definition used for such development - Standard Instrument—Principal Local Environmental Plan

This defines gross floor area as being measured from  the internal faces of external walls and identifies that balconies and terraces are not included.


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