Design Services

Our teams are here to provide quality advice, designs and solutions to satisfy your individual project or development needs. With our extensive knowledge of infrastructure design we run a large hydraulic team, which includes fire, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, along our in house GOODWIN mgp division offering water feature design and planet room design and mechanics. 


We use the latest design technology to ensure the design quality is to the highest standard.

We can provide:

  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage
  • Trade waste plumbing and drainage
  • Effluent treatment, reuse and disposal
  • Stormwater drainage and roof water collection
  • Potable cold, hot and warm water
  • Water purification
  • Natural gas and LPG
  • Medical gases
  • Water feature and swimming pools
  • Basix design
  • Irrigation
  • Rainwater re-use and treatment

Fire Protection

mgp offers quality advice and design for fire protection services. We ensure our clients building requirements are met, designing a fire protection system to meet the building needs and comply with building regulations.

  • Wet pipe fire sprinkler
  • Fire hydrant and fire hose reel
  • Combined sprinkler/hydrant
  • Dry sprinkler
  • External sprinkler
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm, detection, VESDA
  • Early warning intercommunication & building evacuation
  • High hazard/in-rack/ESFR sprinkler
  • Deluge and water spray
  • High and low expansion foam
  • Gaseous suppression - Inergen, FM-200, NAFP3
  • Hi fog water misting

Civil & Mechanical Engineering

We provide civil and mechanical design design from DA approval documentation to large infrastructure and road designs.

  • Geometric road design
  • Subdivision parcels and lots set out
  • On-street and off-street parking
  • Rigid and flexible pavement
  • On-site detention and urban drainage
  • Flood studies, hydrological and hydraulic catchment analysis existing drains and natural watercourses
  • On site water balance, rainwater and wastewater reuse
  • WSUD principles implementation, infiltration trenches, constructed wetlands and bio-retention systems
  • Air conditioning to all apartments
  • Toilet / bathroom and laundry exhaust system
  • Kitchen rangehoods ducted to external façade or common exhaust system 
  • Natural ventilation to lift lobbies
  • Carpark ventilation systems
  • Garbage room exhaust systems
  • Switchroom ventilation systems
  • Miscellaneous room exhaust systems


mgp offers advice and design for electrical services.

  • Initial negotiations with the electrical and telephone authorities
  • Submains, main switchboard and distribution boards
  • Lighting and power
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Telephone / data cabling system (Telstra / NBN)
  • MATV & Pay TV cabling system
  • Security system
  • Access control and video intercom system
  • Data Cabling systems
  • External lighting
  • Smoke detection and alarm system

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