Building Plan Approval

If you are building or renovating it is more than likely that you will need Sydney Water approval. This requirement will be outlined in your DA letter from your Council, your Complying Certificate paperwork, or check with your Certifier, Architect/Designer. The process is called Building Plan Approval.

To enable you to go ahead with your proposed building work you will need Sydney Water Building Plan Approval.

Sydney Water will need to check your plans to ensure your new building will not damage any Sydney Water structure (like a sewer, lamp hole, manhole etc) which maybe located on or near your property. To check your plans you will need to submit your plans online to Sydney Water via their Tap in service and select Building Plan Approval. Either you can do this yourself or mgp can complete the Tap in application on your behalf.

The Tap In service will either approve your plans immediately or they will refer to you see a Sydney Water Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC), like mgp, for further review, advice and additional costs.

If you are referred we will need to come to your property to locate the Sydney Water assets on/near the property, and we will provide a report of our findings (depth and location of assets). This information will then need to be plotted onto your plans to gauge the impact. If you are over or in the zone of influence of an asset we will then provide you with advice on the required Sydney Water clearances for their assets. Structural drawings will be required and when we are satisfied that clearances are achieved, and that there will be no impact on Sydney Water assets then we'll be able to approve and stamp your plans. These plans will then need to be given to your certifier to enable work to proceed.

The Standard Process:

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Non-Standard Sydney Water Assets

For non-standard Sydney Water assets there are a few additional stages and associated costs, this process is called Out of Scope Building Plan Approval. An Out of Scope application will follow the processes listed above and will also require additional detail in the form of a Specialist Engineering Report, Construction Methodology, Geotechnical Report and sometimes CCTV. Each project needs to be reviewed individually and the team will provide you with a detailed requirements list. All documentation will then need to be submitted by MGP on your behalf for Sydney Water to review. If they are satisfied then they will issue an approval letter, and MGP can then stamp your plans.

Out of Scope Approval is an additional step to the approval process when you are building;

    • Near or over a non-pipe sewer infrastructure (eg tunnel, oviform) over 300mm
    • Any water or recycled water pipe
    • Any ventshaft
    • Proposed works on land with a Sydney Water easement
    • Proposed works on land with Sydney Water owned stormwater infrastructure within 10m of the property boundary
    • Construction of a retaining wall over 1 metre
    • Any basement excavation deeper than 3m (and construction works) over or adjacent to a Sydney Water asset including any works resulting in anchors within or through the zone of influence of the Sydney Water asset
    • Any dewatering

With an Out of Scope application we will need to submit the Service Protection Report, final architectural and structural plans to Sydney Water for assessment and approval. Depending on the Sydney Water asset and proposed building works additional documentation may be required (for example Geotechnical Report, Specialist Engineering Assessment, Construction Methodology, temporary/permanent protection works, construction vehicle load, pre (and post) construction CCTV of asset etc). The mgp team will provide advice on the requirements. This process can take up to 8-10 weeks from submission.

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