Service Protection Report (Peg Out)

A Service Protection Report is a report that will show the exact relationship of the Sydney Water asset(s) on or near your property in relation to boundary fences, surveyed structures and features and the depth from surface levels.  

You will need a Service Protection Report;

  1. If you have been referred by Sydney Water Tap in as part of the Building Plan Approval process, OR
  2. You may wish to find out the exact location and depth of Sydney Water assets on or near your property as part of your initial planning process and to assist with your anticipated design

For Building Plan Approval the onsite inspection (Peg Out) is required and preparation of a report, which will have sufficient information to allow your architect and structural engineer to make any necessary adjustments to your plans ready for final approval.

Our in-house MGP Inspect team will need to come to the property to do this report, and may need to access your neighbours property as well.

The Process;

  1. We will provide you with a diagram, called a Hydra plan, showing the approximate location of Sydney Water assets on/near your property so that you will be able to understand what needs to be located.
  2. We will need you to provide us with a site survey.
  3. We will need access to maintenance structures on or closest to your property, along with access to your property. 
  4. These maintenance structures need to be cleared and accessible.
  5. You will need to seek permission to access your neighbour(s) property - if that is required and specified by mgp.
  6. Our MGP Inspect site inspector will come to site at a time convenient to you and we will locate the exact position of Sydney Water assets in relation to surveyed objects/buildings/boundary and find their depth
  7. The site data is then issued to the office and a Service Protection Report completed within 4 days of a site visit.


If you'd like to organise a Service Protection Report for our express service please call the office on 02 9451 7555 otherwise submit your details via the form below and we'll respond in 48 hours.  

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