Service Protection Report (Peg Out)

A Service Protection Report is a report that will show the exact relationship of the Sydney Water asset(s) on or near your property in relation to boundary fences, surveyed structures and features and the depth from surface levels.  

You will need a Service Protection Report if you have been referred by Sydney Water Tap in as part of the Building Plan Approval process, OR you may wish to find out the exact location and depth of Sydney Water assets on or near your property that may impact your design.

For Building Plan Approval the onsite inspection (Peg Out) is required and preparation of a report, which will have sufficient information to allow your architect and structural engineer to make any necessary adjustments to your plans ready for final approval.

We will need to come to the property to do this report, and may need to access your neighbours property as well. Please ensure the Sydney Water assets, like manhole or lamp hole, are cleared and accessible. We require 72 hours notice to book in a Peg Out.

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