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Provide us with your details including email, primary contact, mobile number, business address and the full property details including postcode.


Email or upload your site survey, architectural and structural files.


mgp will respond within 24 hours.

If you don't receive a confirmation email from the team please call us.


Should your plans require a referral, map will provide you with advice.


mgp Sydney Water Tap in service will run Monday - Friday, 9am - 4.30pm

Tap in Application 

A Tap In application will be required if you're building/developing in Sydney, this requirement is usually outlined in your Council DA, Construction Certificate paperwork or by your Certifier and/or Architect/designer. The Tap In application is completed online, and involves drawing your proposed plans and providing details on the proposed building works. The online system will either approve your proposed plans or refer you to see a Water Servicing Coordinator if you're building close or over a Sydney Water asset. This process is called Building Plan Approval.

The Tap In application can be completed by the general public via the Sydney Water portal, or we can complete this on your behalf. Please contact the office on 9451 7555 or send your project information to

Please include;

1. Site survey (pdf and dwg format)

2. Architectural plans

3. Structural plans (if available)

4. Copy of your DA (if available)

We will review and respond with a fee for this service.

For an express response please email the Building Plan Approval team at mgp, otherwise complete the form below and we'll respond within 48 hours. Our fee for this service is $250+GST.

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