As a certified Fire Sprinkler and Fire Hydrant designer MGP offers quality advice and design for fire protection on developments.

We ensure our clients’ building requirements are met; designing a fire protection system to meet the projects needs and comply with building regulations.

We offer design services for:
    • Wet pipe fire sprinkler
    • Fire hydrant and fire hose reel
    • Combined sprinkler/hydrant
    • Dry sprinkler
    • External sprinkler
    • Portable fire extinguishers
    • Fire alarm, detection, VESDA
    • Early warning intercommunication & building evacuation
    • High hazard/in-rack/ESFR sprinkler
    • Deluge and water spray
    • High and low expansion foam
    • Gaseous suppression – Inergen, FM-200, NAFP3
    • Hi fog water misting