Design - Major and Minor Works
Developments that require a change to the services provided by Sydney Water will come under the category of Major or Minor Works.
Low impact Minor Works can be dealt with directly with Sydney Water or you can use a Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC) like MGP. All other Works will require a WSC.
At MGP we have a dedicated, and experienced, design team for Sydney Water Major and Minor Work projects.
Major Works

include new water, wastewater and stormwater pipes, pipe relocation, pipe extensions, complex infrastructure including wastewater pumping stations, chemical dosing units and non-gravity wastewater systems. 

Major work projects will require a design by a WSC, submission to Sydney Water and approval via the WSC, along with inspections and certification at the construction phase.


Minor Works


Works relating to gravity sewers of size ≤ DN 225 and depth ≤ 2.5 metres (measured from the invert of the sewer to the ground surface) and limited to: 

  • concrete encasing up to 25 metres of an existing VC or PVC sewer 
  • replacing up to 25 metres of existing VC or PVC sewer as a precursor to concrete encasement • sealing points of connection to Sydney Water’s sewer
  • inserting junctions/property connection arrangements into existing VC and PVC sewers
  • constructing PCSs of length not greater than 12 metres measured along the axis of the PCS from the centreline of the sewer at the PCS connection point to the centreline of the furthest riser for the IS or RP. Configurations may include a PCS off another PCS, extension of an existing PCS on line and grade or a PCS off an existing CSD inlet at a MH (manhole) 
  • constructing extensions of existing sewers on line and grade of length not greater than 12 metres (measured along the axis of the extension from the end of the existing sewer to the centreline of the TMS), where justification for extension has been accepted by Sydney Water 

The on site construction of the Major and Minor Works must be completed by an accredited Sydney Water Constructor.

Application from for a notice of requirements under Section 73 of the Sydney Water Act 1994 Developer Information