Non-Standard Sydney Water Assets
Non-Standard Sydney Water Assets

For non-standard Sydney Water structures/assets there are additional stages, costs and timeframes; this process is called Out of Scope Building Plan Approval (BPA). 

Typically an Out of Scope BPA assessment is required when proposed building works are;

  • Near or over a non-pipe sewer infrastructure (eg tunnel, oviform), assets over 300mm in size
  • Any water or recycled water pipe
  • Any ventshaft
  • Proposed works on land with a Sydney Water easement
  • Proposed works on land with Sydney Water owned stormwater infrastructure within 10m of the property boundary
  • Construction of a retaining wall over one (1) metre
  • Any basement excavation deeper than 3m (and construction works) over or adjacent to a Sydney Water asset including any works resulting in anchors within or through the zone of influence of the Sydney Water asset
  • Any dewatering

An Out of Scope BPA assessment will require a Service Protection Report, Architectural and Structural drawings with clearances and protection measures specified, in addition you will be required to provide a Specialist Engineering Report by a certified Civil Engineer, Construction Methodology, Geotechnical Report and often CCTV. 

Each project needs to be reviewed individually and the MGP team will provide you with a detailed requirements list. All documentation will then need to be submitted by MGP on your behalf for Sydney Water to assess. This initial assessment by Sydney Water can take between 12-14 weeks. If they are satisfied then they will issue an approval, and MGP can then stamp your plans. Further documentation may be requested by Sydney Water and an additional assessment period required.