Aqua Luna Drummoyne Rowing Club

Aqua Luna Drummoyne Rowing Club

MGP were briefed to provide a compliant fire hydrant system, an urgent requirement to enable the venues to remain open to the public.  You would think having a compliant fire hydrant system next to the Parramatta River would be straight forward, however complexities of the site required our expert hydraulic team to assist in the successful refurbishment of  the stunning Aqua Luna Waterfront Dining Restaurant, above the Drummoyne Rowing Club.

Challenges arose from several different factors. Firstly, the building sits on Crown Land and has no water supply. Secondly, using the river’s water would require approval from the NSW Department of Industry, potentially a complicated and lengthy approval process and finally, to meet industry standards, a booster value needed to be housed within the club, where available space was already an issue. 

Working with Drummoyne Council, they agreed to the placement of the booster value on the foreshore land, close to the building. A new Sydney Water water supply was designed by MGP, which entailed undertaking works close to the busy Victoria Road. MGP advised and project coordinated the design to meet authority and industry standards and fire hydrant design compliance was achieved for the venue.  

Aqua Luna Restaurant / Drummoyne Rowing Club
Plumber: D&W Plumbing