Rockdale Park Water Gardens

Rockdale Park Water Gardens

Goodwin MGP, our water feature design team, designed a series of beautiful water gardens for Bayside Council. Rockdale Park’s new water gardens opened to the public in 2021.

Bayside Council commissioned Goodwin MGP to redesign an old 1970s concrete stream that had been inoperable since 2003 into a stunning new array of pools, streams, weirs and water plants.

Three new shallow pools and two stream sections form the new arrangement with a recirculating streamflow and filtration system. Rainwater runoff from the upper lawn areas of the park is able to flow into the pools and run off to surface via the lower pool spillway. The inclusion of reed and waterlily plants makes the system a living water feature. The reeds act as filters to incoming surface water.

The Park is known for its wedding use, and the new water gardens have been designed to accommodate these events, providing photogenic opportunities and idyllic areas for group photos.

For all other times it provides beautiful reflective pools and a peaceful bubbling stream sound for general recreation.

All architecture, hydraulics and electrical design was completed by Goodwin MGP. Structural engineering was completed by M & G Structural Engineer

Client: Bayside Council