Rydes Sydney Central Hotel Surry Hills

Rydes Sydney Central Hotel Surry Hills

MGP undertook the hydraulic and civil design services for the addition of two levels of guest rooms in the hotel.

The contemporary design of the two new levels and roof structures meant MGP needed to work with the existing building layout and its constraints, along with council conditions in this dense urban environment. 

Within the city are restricted discharge rates and the buildings’ stormwater requires limited flow. The new roof design, that angled into the Atrium, meant MGP needed to find a solution for the stormwater runoff. The solution was an onsite detention tank located beneath the existing pool structure, and adjacent to the Atrium. This enabled run off to be collected, enabled the flow rate to be controlled into the existing council kerb and gutter without causing additional impact to the city’s infrastructure.

Schwartz Family Company Pty Ltd
Architect: Hosking Munro Community