Ikea Marsden Park

Ikea Marsden Park

At MGP we are always looking for effective,  efficient and sustainable solutions for clients. The distribution centre for Ikea at Marsden Park was one such project. 

Originally the design had been for three sewer pump stations to support this large site. Each sewer pump station would require regular maintenance and associated running costs. MGP was briefed on the project to use our hydraulic expertise, and provide workshop drawings for the plumbing contractor.

MGP’s solution was to reduce the number of sewer pump stations to one, and use two gravity sewer connections to Sydney Water sewer mains. The benefit for the client meant only one pump station to maintain and run, instead of the original three, and significant cost savings for Ikea in the long term. Given the large site, and extended distances from the satellite office, one pump station was unavoidable within the design, but utilising the gravity sewer connections means a more effective, efficient and cost saving solution.

Builder: FDC Construction
Plumber: DW Plumbing